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Selection and application field of motor for electric feed water pump
Sep 04, 2018

Usually when choosing the motor of the electric feed pump motor, it is determined mainly according to the shaft power. For example, the shaft power is 15KW, and the motor should be 18.5KW. As for several pole motors, they should be based on actual working conditions. The 2 pole motor is usually used in the case of slight lift and low flow. The 4 pole motor can be selected for occasions with large flow and small lift.


If the flow is very large, the lower head of the workplace is recommended to choose 4 or 6-pole electric feed pump motor, when the selection of six-pole motor, power can be reduced by one level according to shaft power. Because the operating characteristics of the pump are relatively small starting torque, relatively small starting frequency, relatively long running time and other characteristics, so the selected motor should be able to meet these requirements.


At present, the electric feed pump motor can be used in different fields, in addition to inflammable, explosive or corrosive gas occasions, such as transportation, mixing, printing, agricultural machinery and video processor applications, but also with machine tools, pumps, blowers, compressors and other ancillary equipment.http://www.lanhai-globals.com/