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Quickly determine method of asynchronous motor fault
Sep 09, 2015

1. touch (touch temperature)

Touch the motor temperature can also be judged the cause of some parts. To ensure safety, back to touch the aluminum brake parts around the motor housing, bearing, depending on the temperature anomalies, to determine symptoms.

2. smell (smelling)

Sniffing can also tell by the smell of and prevention of faults in induction motors. If have a special smell of paint, shows three-phase asynchronous motor temperature too high; if there is heavy smoke or coke smell, the insulation may be penetrated or winding was burned.

3. measurement (measuring resistance with voltage)

Call logging, is to use a measurement of insulation resistance insulation resistance of the motor, use a multimeter measure the aluminum brake motor wiring and voltage. By measuring, can decide whether asynchronous motor winding short circuit, open circuit and the insulation resistance, and so on.