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Problems in marine motor installation, operation and maintenance
Jul 07, 2018

 Attention should be paid to the installation, operation and maintenance of marine motors.

  1. in the lifting and handling of the motor, it should be noted that the hoisting and climbing on the generator is only applicable to the lifting generator (single machine) and can not be used to lift the whole set, otherwise it may cause damage to the personnel and the damage of the equipment.

  2. no force can be exerted on the marine motor fan, and no generator is allowed to move through the fan, otherwise it may cause serious personal injury and equipment damage.

  3. before repair, all power sources should be disconnected and all control lines should be cut off to prevent accidental start of the generator.

  4. must be properly grounded according to local and national electrical regulations.

  5. whenever the motor is in operation, it is always considered to have voltage and dispose of it. Even if the fuse of the regulator is dismantled, there is a remanence voltage in the end of the generator and the terminal of the regulator, which must be handled carefully, otherwise the serious injury will be caused.

  6. when there is a solvent, cleaning agent or flammable liquid, it must be well ventilated to prevent fire, explosion and health, avoid inhaling harmful gases, and use appropriate labor protection facilities to avoid personnel injury (such as head, eyes, face, foot, hand, respiratory tract, etc.).

  7. marine motor should have rainwater proof and seawater protection measures to prevent rainwater or sea water from entering the generator.

  8. in the case of fault handling, due to the shield, the safety facility may be dismantled so that the operator can be approached, operated or tested, so it must be particularly careful.