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Precautions for installation and operation of explosion-proof marine motors
Sep 05, 2018

Before installing explosion-proof marine motor, the installation instructions should be read carefully and the motor type should be checked to meet the design requirements. In addition, check whether the equipment has "explosion-proof qualification certificate" and explosion-proof sign. When hoisting and handling explosion-proof marine motors, attention should be paid to: the crane on the generator is only suitable for hoisting the generator (single machine) and can not be used to hoist the whole unit, otherwise it may cause personnel injury and equipment damage. 


In the process of installing explosion-proof marine electric motors, it is important not to apply force on the fans of marine electric motors, let alone pull the generator through the fans, otherwise serious personal injury and equipment damage may be caused. Before maintenance, all power supply should be disconnected and all control lines cut off to prevent the generator from accidental starting. 


When an explosion-proof marine motor is in operation, it is considered to have a voltage and be disposed of. So even if the fuse of the regulator is removed, there is still a residual magnetic voltage at the outlet of the generator and the terminal of the regulator, which must be handled carefully, otherwise serious casualties will be caused. And explosion-proof marine motor should be rainproof, seawater-proof measures to prevent rainwater or seawater into the generator.http://www.lanhai-globals.com/