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Motor short circuit occurs the reasons described
Sep 09, 2015

For three-phase induction motors did not know of friends may not know this, when short circuit occurs, presumably filled with wonder at the moment, why would this be? And small series received a lot recently on the telephone consultation, will take this opportunity to talk to you today, is willing to lift the hearts of everyone wondering.

When the short circuit is mainly due to three-phase induction motor motor currents appear too large, supply voltage, single phase operation, mechanical scratches, making insulation damage caused by adverse actions, winding inter turn short-circuit winding short circuit, short circuit between phases of windings and winding short circuit.

When the three-phase induction motor short circuit can lead to uneven distribution of magnetic field of the ions, current imbalance which makes vibration and noise when running electric lines, serious motor does not start, short has produced a lot of short circuit current in the coils, causing rapid heating of the coil and burned.

Due to three-phase motor long-term overload, to makes insulation aging lost insulation role, embedded line Shi caused insulation damaged; winding damp makes insulation resistance declined caused insulation breakdown; end Department and layer between insulation material didn't pad good or plastic Shi damaged; end Department connection line insulation damaged; had voltage or was lightning makes insulation breakdown; rotor and stator winding end Department mutual friction caused insulation damaged; metal foreign body fall into motor internal and oil too much.