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Maintenance for explosion-proof marine motor
Aug 22, 2018

In daily operation, we should abide by the inspection system of explosion-proof marine motor, find out problems in time, deal with them in time, and avoid expanding the fault. In the electric and gas management, the annual, quarterly and monthly maintenance plan should be formulated to achieve the motor pre-inspection, pre-repair and eliminate the fault in the bud.


The motor for explosion-proof ship should be inspected and maintained regularly after running for a certain period of time. The overhaul should be carried out once every 1-2 years, the middle repair twice a year and the minor repair four times a year.


For explosion-proof marine motors, it is necessary to choose the correct type according to the workplace and the environment. In order to use the correct method to repair the motor fault, it is necessary to be familiar with the common motor fault performance and causes, save time, as soon as possible to remove the fault, restore the motor fault, so that the motor is in normal operation.


Regular inspection and maintenance of explosion-proof marine motor is not only an important measure to ensure its safe operation, but also helps to extend its service life.http://www.lanhai-globals.com/