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Introduction of explosion-proof motor
Jul 10, 2018

The explosion-proof motor is a kind of motor that can be used in inflammable and explosive places. It does not generate electric sparks when running. The explosion-proof motor is mainly used in coal, petroleum, natural gas, petrochemical and chemical industries. In addition, it has been widely applied in textile, metallurgy, city gas, transportation, grain and oil processing, paper making, medicine and other departments. As the main power equipment, explosion-proof motors are usually used to drive pumps, fans, compressors and other transmission machinery.


Rated voltage, rated current, power and speed are the same as those of ordinary motors. The difference is that the explosion-proof motor has many explosion-proof signs: Ex


1. Explosion-proof type + equipment category + gas group + temperature group explosion-proof type:


1. flameproof Ex d2. sand filled Ex q3. increased safety Ex e4. sealed Ex m5. positive pressure Ex p

6.n type Ex n7. intrinsically safe E x IA Ex ib8. special type Ex s9. oil immersion Ex Ex dust explosion proof


Two, equipment category

The explosive gas environment is divided into electrical equipment as follows:

YB2 low voltage explosion-proof motor

YB2 low voltage explosion-proof motor

Class I: electrical equipment used in coal mine;

Class II: electrical equipment is used for other explosive atmospheres except coal mines.

Class II flameproof "d" and intrinsically safe "I" electrical equipment are divided into IIA, IIB and IIC categories.

The combustible dust environment is divided into A type dust tight equipment and B type dust tight equipment.


Three, temperature group: the highest temperature of the ignition temperature of T1~T6 combustible gas, T1 T>450, T2, >T>300, T3 300, >T>200, T4 200, >T>135, T5 135, >T>100, 100 centigrade, developing with the development of science and technology and production. For example, the production of edible oil used to use traditional pressing process. After 1970s, our country began to introduce advanced foreign oil extraction technology, but in this process, the chemical solvent containing hexane is used, hexane is flammable and explosive material; therefore, the leaching oil workshop becomes a dangerous place for explosion, and explosion-proof motor is needed and it needs to be used. Other explosion-proof electrical products. For example, the rapid development of China's highway and the emergence of a large number of fuel filling stations also provide a new market for explosion-proof motors.


Product classification


1. according to the principle of motor

Can be divided into explosion-proof asynchronous motor, explosion-proof synchronous motor and explosion-proof DC motor.

2. according to the place of use

It can be divided into explosion-proof motor for coal mine and explosion proof motor for factory.

3. according to the principle of explosion protection

It can be divided into flameproof motor, increased safety motor, positive voltage motor, non spark motor and dust explosion proof motor.

4. according to the matching host

It can be divided into explosion-proof motor for coal mine conveyor, explosion-proof motor for coal mine winch, explosion-proof motor for rock loader, explosion-proof motor for coal mine local fan, explosion-proof motor for valve, explosion-proof motor used by fan, explosion-proof motor for ship, explosion-proof motor in Heavy Metallurgy and hydrogenation unit. Wait. In addition, it can also be divided according to the rated voltage, efficiency and other technical indicators, such as high voltage explosion-proof motor, high efficient explosion-proof motor, high turn difference explosion-proof motor and high starting torque proof motor.


Product features


Flameproof motor


It uses a flameproof enclosure to separate the electrical parts that may produce sparks, arcs, and dangerous temperatures from the surrounding explosive gas mixture. However, the enclosure is not sealed, and the explosive gas mixture around it can enter the internal part of the motor through the joint gap of each part of the shell. When the spark, the arc, the dangerous high temperature and so on in the shell contact the ignition source, the explosion can not be damaged or deformed, but the explosion flame or the hot gas can not ignite the explosive gas mixture when it passes through the gap of the joint surface.


The basic series of low voltage flameproof motor products which are widely used in our country are YB series flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor. It is a derivative product of Y series (IP44) three phase asynchronous motor.  The explosion-proof performance meets the requirements of GB3836.1-83 "explosion-proof electrical equipment for explosive environment" and GB3836.2-83 "d" for explosion-proof electrical equipment of explosive environment. The motor power range is O.55-200kW, and the relative range of the seat number is 80-315nun in the frame, and the explosion-proof symbol is dI, dIIAT4, dI. IBT4, respectively applicable to the coal mine fixed equipment or the factory IIA, IIB, the temperature group is the flammable gas of the T1-T4 group or the explosive mixture of steam and air; the protection grade of the main shell is IP44, also can be made into IP%4, the junction box protection grade is IP54; the rated frequency is 50Hz, the rated voltage is 380, 1660. 1140, 380/660, 660/140V; the insulation level of the motor is F, but the temperature rise of the stator winding according to the B level has a large temperature margin. The main models of the low voltage flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor are: YB series (dIIcT4) (the center of the seat is high 80-315mm), the YBSO series (small power, the height of the seat center is 63-90mm), the YBF series (the fan is used, the seat center is high to 63-160mm), the YB-H series (marine, the center of the chassis is 80~280mm), the YB series (middle, the center of the machine center is high) For 355-450mm), YBK series (coal mine, seat center high 100-315mm), YB-W, B-TH, YB-WTH series (the seat center is high 80-315mm), YBDF-WF series (outdoor antiseptic and flameproof electric valves, the height of the seat center is 80-315mm) and YBDC series (the single phase asynchronous motor with flameproof capacitive starting, the center of the seat is high 71-100mm) and YBZS system The reusable and flameproof double speed three phase asynchronous motor is listed. In addition, there are YB series high-voltage flameproof three phase asynchronous motors (the height of the chassis is 355~450mm, 560-710mm). The YB2 series of industry joint design has passed the national appraisal at the end of 1, and will gradually replace the YB series, becoming the YB2 series.