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How energy-saving three-phase induction motor?
Sep 09, 2015

1. selecting motor type. Y series motor is a unified national design new products, is currently more advanced three-phase asynchronous motors, the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and good starting performance. new motor, you should first consider to choose energy-efficient brand, and other performance indicators need to be considered, in the interest of saving electrical energy.

2. motor variable frequency speed. other continuous speed operation, adjust the pressure regulator, pole-changing motors, electromagnetic speed regulator, frequency control devices, etc.

3. improving power factor. in asynchronous motor line paralleled the right amount of capacitor for reactive power compensation, can improve the power factor and reduce the reactive power dissipation, and effectively save energy.

4. reasonable selection motor of rated capacity. national on three-phase motor 3 a run regional for has following provides: load rate in 70%~100% Zhijian for economic run district; load rate in 40%~70% Zhijian for General run district; load rate in 40% following for non-economic run district. If motor capacity selected have had big, although can guarantee equipment normal run, but not only increased has investment, and it of efficiency and power factor also are is low, Cause a waste of electricity. taking into account the needs of both devices run, and make it possible to improve efficiency, load rate 60%~100% is desirable.

5. motor voltage. when motor light loads, reduce the external supply voltage, energy saving can be achieved.