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Energy-saving policies to promote efficient development of motor industry
Sep 09, 2015

As a niche market, high efficiency motors are the least market mentioned in the scope of subsidies, but also the position by the State Council, and for the first time to support the promotion, shows the country's focus on efficient motor industry. Motor industries cover entire industries such as power generation, transmission, distribution and consumption chain, strategic basic industries and pillar industries of the national economy. Contemporary scientific and technological innovation, industrial upgrading and industrial restructuring, energy conservation, and the development of emerging industries of strategic importance, are related to the motor industry's innovation-driven.

China has become the motor manufacturing power, mastered the production of high performance and ultra high efficiency energy-saving motor technology, but not the power. So far none of China's electrical industry formed the world brand, but more than more than more than 50 electrical transnational group has more than 80 global brands in the world are made in China, shows that creativity is not enough, and processing capacity in China is very strong. China's electrical industry is not strong, on a large scale, production capacity is large, too few brands, boutique too little innovation ability. Especially SMEs, especially, affordable products account for the majority, high-grade product development capability is not strong. Industry capacity is weak.

Large motors, low levels of energy efficiency, and restricting the development of our national economy. United States have universal access to efficient motors, and in most places still using three-level standards for General Motors. Under the influence of factors of investment in research and development and higher manufacturing costs, high price of energy-efficient motor, not to promote healthy and strong, which makes motor energy efficiency in China and abroad to further widen the gap. Information asymmetry, the concept of dislocation, market for, energy-saving consciousness, also become a barrier to promotion.