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Effects of ordinary three-phase asynchronous motor for frequency converter
Sep 09, 2015

1, motor adaptation to frequent starting and braking capacity

Due to used frequency device power Hou, motor can in is low of frequency and voltage Xia to no impact current of way started, and can using frequency device by for of various brake way for fast brake, for achieved frequently started and brake created has conditions, thus motor of mechanical system and electromagnetic system in cycle make variable force of role Xia, advanced of technology guarantee has frequency device by General customer of consistent praise. Bring to the mechanical structure and insulation structure fatigue and accelerated aging.

2, the motor insulation strength

At present small and medium converter using PWM control. He's about thousands of to shijiqian kHz carrier frequency, which makes motor stator winding to withstand high voltage rate of rise, equivalent to impulse voltage steepness is imposed on motor, between the turns of the motor insulation to withstand a grueling test. In addition, generated by a PWM inverter chopped impulse voltage superimposed on the rectangle on the operating voltage of the motor, will pose a threat to the insulation of the motor, the insulation in the high pressure under the repeated impact of accelerated aging.