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Basic composition and performance characteristics of three phase asynchronous AC motor
Aug 23, 2018

Three-phase asynchronous motor mainly includes two basic components, which are fixed stator and rotating rotor. The rotor is located in the inner cavity of the stator and is supported on two end covers by bearings. In order to ensure that the rotor can rotate freely in the stator, there must be a gap between the stator and the rotor, called air gap. Air gap is a very important parameter, its size and symmetry have a great impact on the performance of the motor. 


In comparison, the three-phase asynchronous AC motor has better running performance and material saving. According to the different structure of the rotor, the motor can be divided into two types: cage type and winding type. The cage rotor asynchronous motor has been widely used because of its simple structure, reliable operation, light weight and low price. Its main disadvantage is that it is difficult to adjust the speed. 


The rotor and stator of the wound three-phase asynchronous motor are also equipped with three-phase windings, which are connected with the external rheostat by the slip ring and brush. Adjusting the resistance of rheostat can improve the starting performance of three-phase asynchronous motor and adjust the speed of motor.http://www.lanhai-globals.com/