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Analysis on the common faults of induction motors and
Sep 09, 2015

(1) mechanical sweep, vibration, bearing bore from overheating, damage, and so on. Induction motor stator and rotor air gap between very small, easily lead to a collision between the stator and rotor.

Generally because of the end shield shaft Interior hole worn or end cap flange and motor flange wear and deformation, frame, end cap, rotor sweep bore caused by three different axes.

Vibration should distinguish between motor itself was the cause of or the transmission caused by bad or mechanical load is passed, then, in order to exclude the specific situation.

Belongs to the motor itself is the cause of vibration, is the cause of most dynamic balancing of the rotor is bad, and bad bearings, hinges bent, or end-cap, engine, rotor with different shafts, Foundation or motor installed, the installation is not in place, caused by loose fasteners. Vibration noise, but also creates extra load.

(2) electrical fault of stator winding phase-missing running and stator winding end reverse three-phase current unbalance, winding and grounding, overheating of the winding and rotor broken bars, circuit breakers, etc.

Phase-missing running is one of the most common faults. As long as there is a phase in the three-phase power circuit breaker will cause the motors stop-phase operation.

Phase-missing running probably because the line fuse fuse, switch contacts or wire joints poor contact causes.

After missing a three-phase motor power, as in stop State, synthetic zero torque lock (cannot start).

Motor locked rotor currents are much larger than the normal work of the current. Therefore, in this case power too long or more frequently starting will result in the motor burning power.

When you run the motors stop-phase in, such as the load torque is very small, you can still stay afloat, only the speed decreased slightly, and issued the unusual negative while carrying heavy loads, long running time, will make the motor windings burnt.