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Advantages of marine motors
Jul 06, 2018

1. Superior marine motors can be low noise and low vibration.

  Through optimization design and process improvement, the marine motor has greatly reduced noise and vibration and reached the international advanced level.

  2, high performance protection grade:

  The standard design protection level of the motor is IP55, which can provide a higher level of protection according to customer requirements.

  3. Suitable for wide voltage use:

  The motor design takes account of voltage variations in different areas, enabling motors to adapt to multiple areas and ensure user performance.

  4, improve the insulation grade and increase the service life of the motor.

  The F class insulation structure is adopted, which can effectively improve the service life of the motor and increase the reliability of the motor.

  5. High efficiency:

  The optimized design of the motor has high efficiency and can produce very considerable energy saving effect.

  6. Transmission mode:

  The motor can be driven by pulley, spur gear or elastic coupling.

  7, lacquer and surface treatment:

  The windings of the marine motor and the surface of the metal parts are all in accordance with the requirements of the wet and hot motor, and the special impregnation and treatment have good moisture resistance, mildew proof and salt fog resistance.